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Meet The Principal

Allison Holland, principal at Adams, get ice creamed by fifth graders.

" I am fully dedicated to this school and this community. I am here to serve and love on our students and families. I will continue to fight for our school and do everything I can to continue to lift my students up. Everyone needs to know how amazing this little school is and what incredible things are kids are capable of!" 

Mrs. Holland the school principal- get to know her


I started out as a 2nd grade teacher in a small town in northern Indiana. While I was teaching, I felt that I could help more students by helping their teachers so I became an Instructional Coach. I then became very passionate about serving a school community as a principal. My first principal's job was at Lancaster Elementary School in Huntington County. I then transitioned to Fort Wayne Community Schools as the Assistant Principal at Brentwood Elementary School for two years. And now, I have been lucky enough to be the principal at Adams for the past five years!

The idea that I could serve both families, teachers and students intrigued me. I have been passionate about helping others all my life. I really want to create a school where students feel safe to fail and safe to use their voice. The most rewarding part of this position is connecting with former students and families and hearing that they felt safe and valued when they were in a school where I served.WHAT MAKES YOUR SCHOOL UNIQUE?

Our kids are AMAZING. They love so fiercely and would do anything for those they love. They have taken ownership of their learning, set academic goals and work so hard to meet them! As a staff, we have a great time together and really do feel like a family. The moment you walk into Adams, you can just feel "it". Every staff member is fully dedicated to making our students' lives better in every way. We strive to serve our families in whatever needs they have and do our best to go above and beyond the typical role of educators.


My number one goal is for my students to know how much they matter and how important they are to everyone around them. I want them to feel loved and know that they will always have the staff here fighting for them. I want them to know that I will always be in their corner no matter what. Another goal is to continue to build up our students academically and to help each one know how important their education is to their present and future selves. I want the students to know they are smart and can do anything. I want them to see the challenges they are facing as opportunities to better themselves. I just want them to know and feel they are loved.